like a butterfly, her wings unfolded

“like a butterfly, her wings unfolded”
– butterflies rising

Honeybee Lane First Anniversary Charm

Honeybee Lane, an inspired small business that creates handmade wooden charms, has made this wonderful First Anniversary Charm with the butterflies rising quote, “like a butterfly, her wings unfolded.” The charm is infused with sage, blessed, and reiki charged. It also includes amazonite stone, which is known for its healing powers, is excellent for the nervous system, money, and good luck, and is also known for being great for the heart chakra.

Honeybee Lane created this beautiful charm as a reminder of the transformation you have made in healing and growth and to keep flying on your journey through life.

like a butterfly, her wings unfolded

Meet Lauren of Honeybee Lane

like a butterfly, her wings unfolded

Lauren, the creator and owner of Honeybee Lane, is an intuitive empath, clairvoyant with a connection to the spirit world.

She created Honeybee Lane with a mission to inspire others to live with a purpose, and she views Honeybee Lane as a destination on your journey through life to heal your soul.

She believes that we can find the power to heal with the help of affirmations, positive words, and crystals that carry natural healing energy from the earth. She infuses each of her charms with positive intentions.

In addition to the “like a butterfly, her wings unfolded” charm; she has a store full of beautifully inspired charms. Visit for the full collection of charms that will fulfill your spirit.

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like a butterfly, her wings unfolded